Elīna was born and raised in Rīga, but let us not be stereotypical about her origins. She followed her brother to the Dārziņš School of Music, from which she was graduated with distinction. During her study years and even now, it is hard to keep Elīna in one place. She is forever tempted by new and distant knowledge and experiences, and she has spent valuable time in Utrecht and Berlin. The artist has always tried to share her knowledge, particularly in Latvia. She says that that is very important to her.

Currently, alongside the respectable work at the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, Elīna loves to play with Art-i-Shock, with friends in the percussion ensemble Perpetuum Ritmico, and in an organ duet with Aigars Reinis. She remembers with joy and pride the years when she played with the Kremerata Baltica chamber orchestra.

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