1. Astor Piazzolla is a man of temperament. 
  2. Four Seasons in Buenos Aires are roller coasters of rhythm and emotions, unsparing of inner strength, unaware of harmony, balance and peace, that throw us relentlessly into whirls of passion. The arrangement by Andrejs Puškarevs for trio Art-i-Shock is no less rigorous, not letting us ease off technically, nor emotionally. 
  3. After hearing the Seasons by Piazzolla, we already yearn for something different, the balance of form, Latvian reflection and inner substance. For this task we have addressed Latvian composers to indulge in passions of other sorts. 
  4. The four latvian composers have each created a season, together forming a new Latvian year cycle. Who are they? Let it remain an intrigue until the concert. Rest assured that they will be no less interesting and exciting, just different, full with conclusions, reflection and musical adventures, rooted in nature and our souls.    

  • A. Piazolla (1921-1992) „The 4 Seasons of Buenos Aires”                         (arr. by A. Pushkarev)
  • "The 4 seasons of Latvia" composed by 4 Latvian composers