Many will agree that nowadays the last days of December are curious. It’s impossible to grasp the mass psychosis that has taken over all nations! 

Some are preparing for the only time in the year when the whole family gathers together. Some are counting the Advent days on the path to Christ’s birth. Others are getting ready for a big shopping festivity, when they will leave a ton of money at shops for a pile of rubbish that no one needs. 

The children are frantic with thoughts of poetry and melodies and, for an unknown reason, are placed by the side of a Christmas tree to expressively recite them. As a reward, they get plenty of sugar and other chemicals to scoff down. And the Christmas trees become a temporary worship object, only to be dismissed later.

It becomes harder and harder to answer the question – what are we doing at this time of the year and why are we doing it? The habits and traditions encourage us to simply close our eyes and go with the flow.

This program is a reflection on the winter holiday time – somewhat white, in search for the kingdom of heaven, but mainly with a sarcastic touch. 

There will be a few Christmas carols, a dollop of tango, a pinch of jazz, together bringing a holiday feast in Latvian style – meat salad, peas, steamed cabbage, bacon buns. 

It might sound like a stomach-ache, but in fact it’s only a sparkling smile and a pleasant, indescribably cosy feeling of the winter holiday.