The Spanish specialists assert that la fiesta means "party". But please don’t confuse it with a similar Spanish term           la siesta – no slow snoozing here!!!  

This party will be sunny, energetic and exuberant, properly Spanish. Not a moment without the knocks of castanets and the finger pirouettes on tambourine. 

The classics of the Spanish music and a southern feeling of freedom have inspired trio Art-i-Shock and musician Andrejs Puškarevs for imaginative and witty arrangements. 

  • The jazz vibes of Chick Corea blend with motives from Carmen
  • Rodion Shchedrin archly screws up his eyes, by mimicking Albéniz; 
  • Manuel de Falla idly finishes Spanish folk-songs.
On the trip to the South one must also pick up Granados, a fan, then go in a tapas bar, take a seat at a high bar and feast on freshly cut slice of streaky bacon and a piece of marinated artichoke. 

With a glass of sparkling wine, the exciting trip through the world of Spanish music can begin!



  • E. Granadoss (1867-1916) „Intermezzo” ( trio Art-i-Shock)
  • C. Corea (1941) „La Fiesta”  ( A. Pushkarev)
  • Falla (1876-1946) „Canciones populares Espanolas” ( trio Art-i-Shock)
  • R. Shchedrin (1932) „In the Style of Albeniz”   ( A. Pushkarev)
  • M. Marais (1656-1728) „Les Folies d’Espagne”   ( trio Art-i-Shock)
  • D. Ortiz (1510-1570) „Recercadas”  ( trio Art-i-Shock)