For a moment pause and calm yourself...

Take a look upwards and listen... 

To the clouds. To the moon. To the humming.

Listen, how the moon reflects in itself and in the spiritual asceticism of our neighbour, Estonian composer Arvo Pärt; or as it glints colourlessly in the aching reflection on poetry by Argentinean composer Osvaldo Golijov.

Sometimes the moon is shadowed by a cloud, be it cumuli, fleecy or rainy clouds. Composer Andris Dzenītis has carefully observed the nuances of the cloud structures and turned them into sounds. The Thunder sheet rumbles. A real, pattering rain has come, which now pours down with the tears of moon. Its heart is as full as itself. As a gong, it looks down on us from the vault of heaven, consisting of the subtle moods by composer Agneta Krilova.

Also, we have a story about the sun, but a different one, which rests higher than clouds and itself. The sun that rests beside God. About a nimbus, that’s incredibly hard or even impossible to approach; through which, the way leads past trouble, despair, and rumbling of organs and timpani. This is the path, walked by the master of Norwegian tender guitar sound Terje Rypdal in his work Nimbus

Let it hum…          


  • A. Part (1935) „Fratres” or „Spiegel im Spiegel”  (trio Art-i-Shock instrumentation)
  • O. Golijov (1960) „Lua descolorida” or „Mariel”
  • A. Dzenītis (1978) „Nimbus”
  • A. Krilova (1980) „Tears of the Moon”
  • T. Rypdal (1947) „Nimbus” (cello part transcribed by G. Šnē)