Trio Art-i-Shock programs are like salad. Each is made up by various, mutually contrasting ingredients, which form a state of mind, combining taste and emotions.

  • SEASONS 4+4 are full of contrasts, as they are in nature 
  • ART-i-CLASSIC is a delightful play with past centuries, which could cause someone an art-i-shock 

Everyone can adjust the selection of musical salads to their taste and mood by choosing an ingredient from the wide variety of pieces, written by Latvian composers, which can be found under the title DEDICATED PIECES.

In our programs, we love to include seasonal trifles, variations and sauces likewise to your and our taste. We like to carry out ideas initiated by others, for that is how many exciting musical adventures have been made and will be created in future – through activity and creativity – all encompassed in the artichoke! 

We hold new challenges in high esteem, that’s why we have accomplished all tasks given by the composers and concert producers!