Andris VECUMNIEKS       (1964)

CONCERTINO "Art-i-Shock" for cello, piano, percussion and orchestra

I Grazioso I
II Con Sentimento
III Toccata
IV Valse Art-i-Shock audio
V Grazioso II

  • Premiere:                                                      In Liepāja, April 23, 2014                   With Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, conductor Atvars Lakstīgala


Agneta KRILOVA (1980)

"TEARS OF THE MOON" for cello, piano and percussion (marimba and other percussion)

  • Premiere: October 2, 2014 


Composer Agneta Krilova says about the piece "Tears of the Moon": 
"The small drama to some extent relates to emotions when the moon is full, as well as to the lack of gravity on the moon. The moon symbolises the human soul, which is brutally battered and weeps quietly. I often feel like a silent and distant moon with a soul that can be deeply injured by someone with thoughtless or harsh words or with scornful and careless attitudes. At such moments you feel bemused, misunderstood, abandoned, lonely and alone, like the moon. When do people feel loneliness most harshly? During holidays, and particularly at Christmas.

 A special blessing for artists, however, is that they can transform their emotions into works of art so that they don’t have to drag the dark side of their moon along with them in life and during holidays.”

Jānis LŪSĒNS (1959)

"NETI, NETI ..." for cello, piano, marimba and glockenspiel


  • Premiere: December 12, 2014

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