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June 9, 20:00



CD Art-i-Shock got the Latvian Music Records Award "Golden Microphone 2018" for the best clasiccal music album of the year! 

We are very grateful for our wonderful team who has helped us to make our CD! 

Quick view in the 2nd Auce cello festival

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Our first CD "Art-i-Shock"

The work of our trio revolves around collaboration with contemporary Latvian composers. Seeing as there is almost no music originally written for the specific composition of our group - cello, piano and percussion -  we need to take an active role in the creation of such music. And for that we need composers, who create the fertile soil for our ‘artichoke’ to grow and flourish. It is precisely in this creative interaction with composers, listeners and concert organisers that the art-i-shock is born: creative surprise, musical adventure. Over the few years of our existence, we’ve already reaped quite an armful of artichokes. And soon they will be joined by already a twentieth piece of music. 

They differ very much from each other, and together they form quite a mosaic. They are as diverse as the ardour and sincerity conveyed by their creators during the recording process. But together, our wonderful composers have created a large, beautiful meadow, into which listeners may wade and surrender themselves to the experience of sound, or the art-i-shock.


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February 2018 has been lucky for our trio. We had the honour to share the stage in one concert with amasing, inspiring and legendary piano maestro Raimonds Pauls allready twice!

New discoveries

And february has been full of new challenges:

Guna finaly played viola da gamba in the concert. And what was the hardest thing? Tuning 415 HZ!

Agnese learned basics for chembalo tuning.

And Elina got inspired from drehleier oriental tunes and played percussion instrument - tar! Thank You, Guntars, for inspiration!

Concerts for kids are such a blessing. Joy, fun, tears... and all of that so true. pictures